Liang Zhao


LIANG ZHAO, now is ranked NO.2 of Chinese angler points system provided by China Angling Association. He is a very talented and hard-working fisherman, and he hase almost participated in all kayak fishing tournaments in china, and has achieved great places. He is from Hubei Province, where it has many […]

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Fudong Li


China Fudong Li, was born in December 1987, from Deyang Sichuan province. He has started fishing at the age of 7, and has been lure fishing since 2007 . Fudong Li was the winner of the 2016 China Open Anxian division, the 2016 China Open Nanbu division, 5th in the 2016 China […]

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Li Haiyang


China Li Haiyang,  designer and founder of the Chinese lure company – Lurefans – Li Haiyang, is a pioneer in the promotion of lure fishing as a sport in China. He first represented China at the Hobie Fishing World Championship at Marlo and Bemm River in Australia in 2013 and was the captain of COB national team in both 2014 and […]

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Jianping Du


China Jianping Du was born in 1965, in the Fujian province, but now lives in Hubei Province. He is keen on lure fishing and has participated in many fishing tournaments: The winner of 2013 Fujian Haixia classic lure fishing competition; 8th in the 2013 Korean NS Hangzhou division, 6th in the 2013 […]

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Shuaili Huang


China Shuaili Huang is from Hunan Province, China and has been lure fishing since 2009. Shuaili Huang was the winner of the 2016 China Open Shaoguan division. He is keen on using spoon, and fishing in freshwater. Kayak fishing embodies the freedom, health, sport spirit and the unity which corresponds to the culture which makes […]

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Xizhao Chen


China Born in Chongqing, and lives in Chengdu province, China. He is a art designer who has had a love of fishing since childhood. Chen has participated in kayak fishing tournament in China and qualified  for the Hobie Fishing Worldsthree times. The happiest moment was when he first time fished […]

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Xiaohong Ma


China Xiaohong Ma, is the 2015 Hobie Fishing World Champion. He won the world championship by hooking a 115cm Yellow Cheek Carp in the final hours of competition on Shang Lake in Changshu, China, late last year. He has represented China at two previous world championships, the 2013 Hobie Fishing […]

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