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Friday October 28th 9:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Araya Peampibul: Adrian still doing well.

Thursday October 27th 9:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Araya Peampibul: Adrian still doing well.

Dale Baxter: Congratulations to day one leader Jose Chavez, But well done to the surprise packet Scotty Baker, great start to the comp.

Stuart Dunebuggy Whitehouse Sleep is over rated. lol Have fun today guys. I hope it's overcast but not raining.

Anon: Oh I better get my rods

Wednesday October 26th 8:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Why am I sooo full??

Is it because of the prawns, kangaroo, crocodile, steak, sausages, and salad?

Will the sounds of the didgeridoo bring on the bream tomorrow?

Craig Coughlan: "Good luck to everyone involved, i hope the big bream are out and everything runs smoothly"
Stuart Dunebuggy Whitehouse: "Good luck to all."
Tae Kyung wrote: "내 목소리 들어보면 감기 올거라는 걸 알 수 있죠? 점점 코가 막혀감. 비 때문에 추워요."
Lewis Parsons: "Morgan Promnitz, mate, we could almost pass you off as an Aussie. Now that you've been hooked on chasing Aussie bream. Good stuff."
"On Camden Haven River with Steve Morgan, I learned so much in the hour with him I can't wait to put the knowledge to practice!"
Terry Parmenter: "great pics how are the overseas teams enjoying catching bream etc?"
Robert Simpson: "Those Camden Haven pelicans go hard on an SX40 with light gear!"

Monday October 26th 3:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Thoughts from some of anglers via link

Tuesday October 25th 10:45pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Is it true someone ended up with 4 legal size Breams today?

Is it true that there were no pizza shops open for lunch in Laurieton?

Is it true that the derelict building on the corner is actually a proper supermarket?

Neil Carstairs:"lovin all the pics guys, looks friggin awsome set up...keep them pics coming .cant wait to get there..."
Yong-Jin Jason Jung: "You guys are awesome !!"

Monday October 25th 6:00am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Max 25 Shower or two.
Becoming cloudy. A shower or two and the chance of thunderstorms. Winds mainly northwest to southwesterly averaging 15 to 25 km/h.

Monday October 24th 5:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Most of the competitors have arrived, we are still waiting for the team from Singapore and a team member from Thailand.
Steve Fields from HobieCat Australasia and Steve Morgan from ABT welcomed and introduced all competitors. A short history on the development of the concept for the event was given by Steve Fields before each competitor was presented with their welcome packs from HobieCat Australasia and ABT.

Steve Morgan finished the proceedings with an entertaining and informative presentation "Lures and Casting Techniques for Bream 101". All the international competitors appreciated Steve's sharing of his knowledge on the subject.

Hog's Breath Cafe, Pt Macquarie was the venue for a casual get together dinner.
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Monday October 24th 11:00am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Scott Lovig, Scott Baker and Matt Petrie have checked into Worlds HQ