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Sunday October 29th 7:00pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

The 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Champion is SCOTT BAKER (Mornington Victoria Australia).

The Aussies came good on the last day of the tournament and cleaned up with second place going to Jason (Gasman) Meech from The New South Wales Central Coast.

To make up an Aussie trifecta, Kevin Winchester from the New South Wales Central Coast stepped (got lifted) up onto the podium to collect his had won third prize after a gruelling round three of the championships. Kevin knocked off surprise packet and all round nice guy Jose Chavez from the USA, who had led the 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship after round one. He was third after round two and unfortunately for him was a mere 19 grams behind "Big Kev" when it counted.

The 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship Team Winners were Greg Lewis (Burrill Lake New South Wales Australia) and Scott Baker (Mornington Victoria Australia).

Sunday October 29th 9:30am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Interview with Jose Chavez

Anglers take off for the last day of competition in the Grand Final

Sunday October 29th 5:30am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Weather Forecast: Max 25 A few storms and showers. Partly cloudy. A few showers and possible thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Winds northerly and light tending southwesterly up to 30 km/h around midday.

Saturday October 29th 6:00pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Tidal Information Sunday 30/10/11
Time Height
05:10 0.19
12:05 1.70
18:34 0.20
00:29 1.11

Ryan Dixon leads day 1 of the Bream Kayak Series Grand Final with a total weight of 1.680 kg followed by Rhett Gill with 1.360 kg and William Lee came in third with 1.240 kg. Link to full results

Keeton Eoff had the best catch of the day for the internationals with a total of 0.93 kg followed by Kelvin Ng with 0.67 kg and Khoo Wee Lee was third coming in with 0.26kg.

In the Daiwa-Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship - Individual Standings Scott Baker leads the field from Jason Meech and Jose Chavez coming in third. In the teams it is Team Aus#1 followed by Team Thailand and Team Aus #4 in third. Link to full results

Link to results from Day 2 of 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship

Forecast for Sunday 30th Oct: Min 15 - Max 25
A few showers.
Partly cloudy. A few showers and the chance of thunderstorms. Winds northerly averaging up to 25 km/h tending southwesterly up to 30 km/h around midday.

Saturday October 29th 8:40am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Anglers take off in perfect conditions

Saturday October 29th 5:30am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Forecast: Max 25 Shower or two developing. Mostly sunny morning. A shower or two this afternoon and evening. Winds north to northeasterly averaging 20 to 30 km/h.

Friday October 28th 10:20pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Teams Standing after session one
1AUS #13.25
2 AUS #4 3.21
3 Thailand 2.61
4 AUS #3 2.55
5 USA #2 2.00
6 AUS #2 1.77
7 Singapore 1.29
8 USA #1 0.98
9 South Korea 0.00

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Tomorrow's forecast: Min 15 Max 25, Possible shower. Partly cloudy. A possible shower in the afternoon and evening. Winds north to northeasterly averaging up to 30 km/h.

Tidal Information Saturday 29/10/11
Time Height
03:45 0.03
10:23 1.75
16:49 0.76
22:35 1.30

Friday October 28th 10:20am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Max 24 Partly cloudy. Light winds.

Tidal Information Friday 28/10/11
Time Height
04:28 0.11
11:12 1.75
17:45 0.12
23:25 1.21

Thursday October 27th 5:15, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Jose Chavez from Team USA leads the competition from Scott Baker currently second and Steve Fields third.
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Thursday October 27th 3:15, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

View Live Video Streaming now online

Thursday October 27th 10:20am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

View some thoughts of competitors before Round 1

Live Video Streaming from 2:45pm AEDT

Thursday October 27th 5:20am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

"Max 21 Shower or two clearing. Cloudy. A shower or two from this morning until late afternoon. Winds southerly averaging 15 to 25 km/h"

Thursday October 27th 12:15am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Photos have been added to the photogallery and facebook

Wednesday October 26th 9:15pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Tidal Information Thursday 27/10/11
Time Height
03:04 0.03
09:34 1.72
15:26 0.06
21:45 1.39

Wednesday October 26th 4:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Forecasters were right, there was a strong southerly along with a steady drizzle out on the river this morning. Anglers were able to find secluded spots along the river away from the wind to practice their skills.

All Worlds anglers are about to have a talk and Q and A on the Lowrance Elite 5x Sounder which is mounted on all of their Hobie Pro Angler kayaks. It will be presented by Nick Hamilton Smith from Lowrance. Then ABT's Steve Morgan and Chris Hickson will give a tips and tricks a talk on Bream fishing. These boys know their stuff. This will be followed be an amazing Aussie feast of kangaroo, crocodile, oysters, steak and other delictables tastes of Oz... Hmmm can't wait to try that one. The dinner will be accompanied by the 40 000 year old haunting, sounds of the Australian aborigional didgeridoo.... wish you were here? Oh Yeah.

View anglers' thoughts for the day via this link

Wednesday October 26th 5:45am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Forecast issued at 5:26 am EDT on Wednesday 26 October 2011.

Summary Max 20 Shower or two.

Cloudy. A shower or two and the chance of thunderstorms. Winds southerly averaging 20 to 30 km/h.

Tidal Information
Time Height
1:02 0.04
07:46 1.63
14:01 0.09
19:57 1.45

Tuesday October 25th 9:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Today gave the international competitors a chance to put theory into practice with the first pre-fish day on the Camden Haven River. All competitors were buddied up, which gave the locals a chance pass on some of their knowledge of the local conditions on to their buddy.

Everyone ended up catching something, with most of the international competitors getting a taste of landing a Bream. A shower of rain in the middle of the day did not dampen spirits as the clouds created better fishing opportunities compared to the bright sunshine of the morning.

Kayak pedalling skills and reading the currents correctly saw on shore on -time with the smallest of margins. Well done guys.
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Tuesday October 24th 5:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Most of the competitors have arrived, we are still waiting for the team from Singapore and a team member from Thailand.
Steve Fields from HobieCat Australasia and Steve Morgan from ABT welcomed and introduced all competitors. A short history on the development of the concept for the event was given by Steve Fields before each competitor was presented with their welcome packs from HobieCat Australasia and ABT.

Steve Morgan finished the proceedings with an entertaining and informative presentation "Lures and Casting Techniques for Bream 101". All the international competitors appreciated Steve's sharing of his knowledge on the subject.

Hog's Breath Cafe, Pt Macquarie was the venue for a casual get together dinner.
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Monday October 24th 12:30pm, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Photos uploaded. View photos

Monday October 24th 11:00am, Waters Edge, Pt Macquarie

Scott Lovig, Scott Baker and Matt Petrie have checked into Worlds HQ

Sunday October 23th 3:30pm, Pt Macquarie

It has been busy couple of days, with the support travelling from Huskisson on Friday morning and arriving at the Waters Edge Boutique Motel Pt Macquarie late Friday afternoon.
Saturday morning saw the arrival of the semi full of ProAnglers. The day was spent getting them ready, fitting seats, attaching plug-in carts and getting the site ready. View photos

Thursday October 20th 10:00am, ROCKDALE SPORTS FISHING TACKLE

Well known Sydney fishing tackle supplier, Rockdale Sports Fishing Tackle, has come on board to support the Ist Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship. The Rockdale tackle shop proprietor, Gary Gu Quach, has generously, donated vouchers for the individual place getters in the World Championship. The fishing supplies can be chosen from the extensive range at Rockdale Sports Fishing Tackle shop 1, 572 -578 Princes Hwy Rockdale, NSW. 2216.

World Champion - $300 ... Second Place - $200 ... Third Place - $100

Thursday October 14th Teams for the 1st Daiwa-Hobie Wold Kayak Fishing Tournament

Teams for the 1st Daiwa-Hobie Wold Kayak Fishing Tournament are listed below.
Biographies of each team member can be found on their team home page

Team USA
USA #1 Jackie SmithMorgan Promnitz
USA #2 Keeton EoffJose Chavez
Team Thailand
Adrian Baguley Kelvin Ng Seh Beng
Team Singapore
Mervin LowKhoo Wee Lee
Team South Korea
Taekyung Leeyong jin Jung
Team Aus
Aus #1 Matt Petrie Jason Meech
Aus #2 Scott Lovig Kevin Winchester
Aus #3 Steward Dunn Steve Fields
Aus #4 Scott Baker Greg Lewis


Port Macquarie – come out of your shell http://www.portmacquarieinfo.com.au/

Friday October 14th - Sausage Sizzle at the Live Weigh-in site

  • Westport Park, Water's Edge Boutique Hotel, Port Macquarie.
  • Organised by and all proceeds to Tacking Point SLSC
  • 1:45 to 3pm Saturday and Sunday October 29-30
  • Grab a sausage sanga and a drink, watch the boats come in, the live weigh-in and fish release.

Friday October 14th - Lowrance Elite 5X Sounder - Talk and Q & A with Nick Hamilton Smith

  • Wednesday October 24, from 4:30 - 4:50 PM
  • Friday October 28, from 4:30 - 4:50 PM
    • Water's Edge Boutique Hotel, Port Macquarie - Poolside
    • These talks are free and we welcome anyone to join us.

Friday October 14th - Talking Bream with Steve Morgan and Kris Hickson

  • Wednesday October 24, from 4:50 - 5:20 PM
  • Friday October 28, from 4:50 - 5:20 PM
      Water's Edge Boutique Hotel, Port Macquarie - Poolside
    • Steve Morgan and Kris Hickson are the top two Bream guys in Australia this year. Prior to the registration for the 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing Worlds and prior to registration to the 3rd Daiwa Hobie Fishing Grand Final they will be giving a talk on how they successfully place well in tournaments and catch Bream.
    • These talks are free and we welcome anyone to join us.

October 14, 2011 More Videos Added

October 10, 2011 Documents Added

The following documents have been uploaded to help competitors



1ST Daiwa Hobie® Kayak World Fishing Championships

Hobie Cat Australasia in conjunction with Daiwa Australia, announce that eighteen competitors from five nations, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, USA and Australia, will compete in the inaugural Hobie world kayak fishing championships. The tournament will be held in Australia, on the New South Wales mid north coast, starting on October 27 at Camden Haven on the Camden Haven River, moving to the Hastings River at Port Macquarie on October 29 and 30.

The event is the concept of Steve Fields, General Manager of Hobie Cat Australasia. Steve is a former sailing world and national champion in multiple Hobie Cat Catamaran classes.

Steve Fields, stated, "Hobie Cat has been hosting Hobie sailing world championships since the first Hobie 16 titles held in Hawaii in 1976. They are fantastically competitive and ruthless events on the water but they are great social occasions as well".

"People from all over the world with similar interests not only compete but share expertise, knowledge and skills. In the end, there is one World Champion, but everyone goes home feeling better about themselves, with new friends, new skills and having had a cultural experience in a part of the world they, otherwise, may never have visited."

"Hobie Cat has grown and diversified into new areas since those early days. Our venture into kayaks has built a huge, worldwide Hobie kayak fishing fraternity. I wanted to bring these people together somehow and came up with the Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championships. I put the concept to Daiwa Australia, and they loved the idea, so much, they jumped straight aboard as the major sponsor of the first such event ever to be held."

Day one of the International competition will be a standalone event. However, on the starting signal, at 7am on the weekend of October 29 – 30, the spectacular sight of 67 pedal powered Hobie MirageDrive® Pro Angler kayaks will leave the beach. The world championship competitors will be joined on the water by grand finalists from the 13 rounds, held throughout Australia, of the Daiwa Hobie ABT Kayak Fishing Series.

Live weigh-ins of the catches will take place on the waterfront grassed area at the Water’s Edge Boutique Hotel, Buller Street Port Macquarie, from 2pm on each of the three days of the world championship competition.

For more information, photos or to schedule an interview with Steve Fields or International competitors and Australian representatives please call Bob Findlay Office: +61 2 4441 8400 Mobile: 0412 127 454 bob@hobiecat.com.au or keep up to date at www.hobiefishingworlds.com