Team South Korea

Taekyung Lee

FROM: Daegu City, Korea


Age: 37

Taekyung Lee has been fishing for freshwater fish since he was 14. He teaches sustainable architecture design in Kyungpook National University and while he has been teaching about sustainability, he also has been interested in sustainable fishing. So, he bought a Hobie Outback kayak and has 4 years of sea kayak fishing experience. Now, Lee has a Hobie Tandem Island kayak and considers himself an expert at jigging, light jigging.

yong jin Jung

FROM: Seoul, Korea


Age: 33

Yong Jin Jung has only been kayak fishing for one year. Although, his experience in kayak fishing is short, he has quickly become a master of the art, and can't wait to get aboard his Hobie whenever he has the opportunity. While Jung has taken to kayak fishing with exceptional ease he never fails to take the opportunity to learn from fellow fisherman. Don't be surprised if you catch Jin Jung picking up a few of his competitors tricks and using the techniques to his benefit in the Daiwa Hobie Kayak Worlds.