Team Thailand

Adrian Baguley


DOB: 5/11/76

Age:: 34

Adrian has been fishing since the age of six and went to Thailand to join Blue Seas Marine 8 years ago. As a director in Blue Seas Marine (Hobie agents for SE Asia), Adrian heads up the kayak fishing division and is responsible for developing the sport throughout the region. Although, having only 2 years' experience in kayak fishing he has been able to use the skills learned over many years, and different fishing environments, to quickly master the best techniques for fishing both freshwater and saltwater species. He is currently out kayak fishing at least 20hrs every week to prepare for the coming event and is looking forward to Meeting the Aussie experts and mastering the bream at the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing Worlds.

Kelvin Ng Seh Beng


DOB: 19/8/83

Age:: 28

Kelvin has been fishing for more than 12 years with less than a year of kayak fishing experience. During this period, he has upgraded from having a FeelFree kayak to a Point 65 Tequila kayak and now he is a true believer of the superiority of Hobie kayaks after trying out the Mirage Drive on the demo i9. He is now waiting for the arrival of the new Hobie Revolution 11. (He wants the OLIVE colour instead of red)