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About the Hobie Fishing World Championships

In 2011 Hobie Cat Australasia took kayak fishing to a new level with the introduction of the 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championships. The event was held in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia and was an outstanding success.

With events in the USA, back in Australia and now in The Netherlands, Europe, 2014 will be no exception! We will see the worlds top kayak anglers heading to Europe vying to claim the title “World Champion” in the 4th Hobie World Fishing Championships!

IHFA Announces 4th Hobie Fishing Worlds

Target Species



This strong predator can measure up to one meter long. They come in large numbers, particularly in Dutch open waters and the famous water garden of Amsterdam IJ. Due to their volatile nature, the Zander is a challenging fish to land.



Another carnivorous, ambush predator, Pike, which can grow to an incredible 140 cm long would be considered a trophy for any angler!



Monster perch are very common in the Dutch fishing waters and are often caught on lures not much smaller than itself. A predator to the core, it lies in wait in structure to smash it’s prey.

European Location

Vinkeveen Plassen

The Vinkeveen Plassen are the reminder of a huge peat and wetland  area that evolved many centuries ago. Vinkeveen is located in the municipalty of De Ronde Venen, in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands, 20km south from Amsterdam.

Today the three Lakes are mainly famous for it´s fishing, as well as an important outdoor and recreational area, with facilities for swimming, diving, and yachting. You can find a plenty of quality fish in the lakes like the famous predatory “Big Three” Pike, Zander, Perch.