Today we saw the second day of competition the 8th Hobie Fishing World Championship which is presented by Daiwa on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Anglers got away from Power-Pole Starting Line with the field splitting, the majority of anglers heading in a southerly direction and only a small group of nine or ten pedalling their Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayaks to the north. The wind was predicted to rise quite sharply towards the end of the session, this being the primary reason the large contingent went south. Most felt it easier to ride with the southerly breeze home rather than to beat into it.

There was generally more wind on the water throughout the day than yesterday, but conditions remained quite comfortable with the temperature reaching 26C (79F).

Like yesterday a group of ten plus anglers headed for the trawlers with two fish caught, Nate Gloria (USA) and Eric Seddiqi (USA) with 20 minutes of the start. But the rest of the anglers had little luck with most leaving within 15 to 20 minutes.

The morning wasn’t far gone and a large slice of the competitors had fish in their Hobie Livewells. Anglers who had struggled the day before to catch fish such a France’s Patrice Gotti had more luck today and smiles were the obvious difference in many kayaks. Yet for others there was the frustration of no fish, but many persisted in areas where they were having no success which seemed as though they had set a game plan and with it not working they had no back up to move onto.

In the end it was another impressive performance by the Australians but the Americans were showing a great ability to adapt to the new species, making up twenty five percent of the top twenty. Nate Gloria flew the highest flag for the USA sitting in 6th place, equal with 2013 world champion Richard Somerton (AUS). Gloria bagged 1.78kg on day one and 1.77kg on day two giving him a two day total weight of 3.55kg.

Edi Brader from Austria sat in third position at the close of day one but dropped back one place today to be the best placed European. Brader had 1.99kg in his bag yesterday and backed it up today with 1.59kg giving him 3.58kg over two days. Finn Sloth (3rd in China in 2015) was the next best European in 11th place followed by Felix Frey (SWE) in 19th.

Lars Lundberg became the second Swede to catch the Power-Pole Big Bream at 910g after Felix Frey caught the largest bream on day one weighing 1.06kg.

The Chinese are having a difficult time adapting the the new species Lai Wang the highest placed competitor in 16th position. The remainder of the team are in the bottom ten anglers.

Rafael Renzetti leads the Brazilians in 23rd and the remainder of the team languishing close to the bottom.

The stand out performers are the Australians with eight in the top ten. Jack Gammie increased the lead that he had established yesterday with 2.16kg followed up with 2.02kg today giving him a two day total and the leading bag in the world championship of 4.18kg. Andrew Death maintained his second place from day one with 2.08kg and 1.86kg for 3.94kg, 249g behind Gammie. Simon Morley moved up into third place knocking Austrian Edi Brader back a position. Morley has 1.82kg and 1.97kg for at third place total of 3.79kg, 150g behind Death and 399g behind Gammie.

Tomorrow is the final day in the world championship and no place at the top is secure with the possibility of any of the top ten taking out the top three places. The big question is, “Can Australia clean sweep the top three places once again, as they did at HFW1 in Port Macquarie, New South Wales and HFW3 in East Gippsland, Victoria. Or will Edi Brader, Nate Gloria or Finn Sloth ruin the Australian “Threepeat”.

Tomorrow, we will know the answer.