Dennis (BomBom) Skou – DENMARK

Dennis Skou, or BomBom as he likes to be called, is a 42-year-old angler from Zealand in Denmark, who will turn 43 just before arriving in Australia. The Hobie Fishing World Championship (HFW8) on the Gold Coast in Queensland, will be his second appearance in a world championship, ironically both in Australia.

Skou fished for bream for the first time in 2013, at Bemm River, and Marlo on the Snowy River, in the East Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria. He was competing in the third Hobie Fishing World Championship as part of a strong European team of anglers, but one that was inexperienced in targeting Black Bream.

Chasing this unfamiliar species Skou finished in a commendable 20th position, the third best performer in the European team, behind Stefan Jorup (SWE) in 14th, and Ronnie Helaers (BEL) in 19th place.

Skou had a tough day one at his first worlds. In light conditions he travelled towards the opening at the mouth of the Sydenham Inlet with the Swede Jorup. They fished in waters that were more protected than most other competitors, who struggled in exposed waters with a 20kt WSW picking up by mid-morning. Skou caught a solitary legal Black Bream which came in at 580g, just on average size for the species in this arena. He finished in 29th place at the close of the live weigh-in on day one.

The Worlds then moved to Marlo a small community on the banks of the Snowy River, 60km south of Bemm River. There the worlds competitors linked up with the Australian Championship anglers for a navigation day where anglers could get a feel for the new venue.

When Day two of the world championship blasted off from the Power-Pole Starting line, anglers headed for the spots they had marked out during the Lowrance Navigation Day. Skou knew, like most, that he had to get fish early with a predicted 30kt wind to blow, in early afternoon. Once again he only picked up a single legal size fish, this time weighing in at 640g, enough though to move him up one place to 28th.
Going into the final day of the Worlds the top ten was made up of 7 Australians, 2 Americans and a European, Jorup, in 10th. The tournament director cut the session short by 2hours at the morning briefing, due to even more dangerous winds predicted for the afternoon.

Skou was confronted with an impossible task ahead of him to get into the top ten, but he put in big time, and had his best day on the water in Australia. He caught his full bag, and while the fish weren’t as big as his first two days, his 3 fish weighed in at 1.3kg. Improving each day, and finishing with a full bag, Skou showed he learns quickly and can adapt to unfamiliar conditions and species.
In Queensland, chasing bream for the second time (this time Yellowfin Bream) his previous experience in Australia has given him the potential to do well at Hobie Fishing Worlds 8. Skou along with Daniel van der Post (NED and 29th 2013 Worlds), are the only members of the European team in HFW8 who have fished in Australia for bream, and both are a real chance to be amongst the top ten finishers in 2019.

Skou revealed to us how important fishing is to him.

“With great support from my wife and kids, fishing is everything to me in my life. I feel alive when I’m in my kayak fishing for pike.”

“I fish out of a Pro Angler 14, and I’ve found that this kayak simply is my best way to sneak up on those big fish. I love the intensity in fishing fish from a kayak.”

“Everything I do involves fishing. I work so I can afford fishing, I train to be able to do well in competitions, I study my waters to learn about the fish, and I spend time with my family to be able to focus when fishing.”

“I can’t wait to take on the Aussie bream once again in my second world championship. Bring on HFW8!”

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