Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 – Angler Three
Edi Brader – Austria

The third angler to register for Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 (HFW8) is 37-year-old Edi Brader from Munderfing, in Austria. On the Gold Coast in Australia, Brader will be representing Austria for the fourth time at a world championship.

Brader has more than 30 years of fishing experience but he has been fishing competitively for just over 5 years. His first worlds was at HFW4 in the Netherlands in 2014. He had a tough time on the first day of competition, even though anglers were targeting his favourite species, perch, pike and zander. Unlike, on his favourite location on the Great Lakes in northern Austria, Brader took the first day, of the three-day championship, to adjust to the unfamiliar Vinkeveense Plassen location. He didn’t measure a fish on day one, which ultimately could have cost him a top three finish. 0n day two a 95cm aggregate flung him up the leaderboard, and with 101cm on day three, Brader finished in 4th place in his first world championship. He measured 196cm over the three days just 10cm behind third placed Kevin Varty, from Australia, on 206cm.

In 2015 Brader struggled along with the entire field of anglers on Shang Lake, in Changshu China. But he moved past the disappointment on the water to immerse himself in the amazing, oriental, cultural experience that was Hobie Fishing Worlds 5.

His third world’s experience was on Lake Vanern in Amal, Sweden where he had the opportunity to target two of his favourite species. Unfortunately, Sweden while an amazing tournament wasn’t one of Brader’s best results, with only one good day on the water. He measured no fish on days one and two but jagged an 86cm pike aboard his Hobie on day three, to finish in 40th place. The big shock, after the disappointment of not having a lot of luck with his rod, was winning a trip and entry to the next world championship, after being presented with a special tournament directors award for sportsmanship.

Brader cannot wait to get to Australia to get into a totally new species on the other side of the world.

“It all started for me in small brooks, fishing for trout only using my hands. Since those early childhood days, I have caught nearly every species that swims in Austrian waters. I have had experience using nearly every technique, but in the last couple of years, modern spin-fishing techniques have fascinated me the most.”

“I have come a long way since my first worlds tournament in the Netherlands back in 2014. While Australia will be my fourth world championship, I am still excited to meet all the great fishermen from around the world, and I am very thankful to be part of the Hobie family. I always try to live to the great standards of the #hobiewayoflife, regarding sportsmanship, and the respect for other anglers and nature, not only during competition hours, but during each and every waking hour.”

“In Australia I will do my best to catch some good-sized bream but that’s not the most important part of the experience.”

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