Miguel Garrido – Spain
Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 –

47-year-old Miguel Garrido from Ronda, Malaga, in Spain is representing his country for the third time at a world championship, after competing in Leeville County in Louisiana, USA in 2016 and Amal, Sweden in 2018.

Garrido, an avid bass fisherman for more than 25 years, has held the Spanish Bass record since 2001 with a fish weighing in at 4.01kg. He is on the Lowrance Pro Team in Spain, the Molix International Pro Team, and the Hobie Spain Pro Team.

In unseasonal, miserably cold, and windy conditions in Louisiana, Garrido had a really, tough time in his first world championship. While he relished the incredible experience and the social aspects of the event, he finished in 40th place ahead of nine other competitors. He started the tournament with a 20in (50.8cm) Speckled Trout on day one and couldn’t bag a legal fish over the next two days.

Garrido again qualified for the next worlds that was held in Amal, Sweden. He started badly with Lake Vanern not offering the Spaniard any of the targeted Perch or Pike. His day one performance placed him in a position that would be near to impossible to come back from, sitting in 48th place with seven other international anglers.

On day two he made a comeback, of sorts, landing a moderately sized Pike of 63cm with no Perch to back it up, but enough to move him up to 43rd place in the standings. Day three saw Garrido finally fire up, with an impressive 119cm, made up of a 66cm Pike and two Perch at 53cm. If only that had been day one, it would have made a “worlds-of-difference” to the kayak fishing toreador!

“I began my fishing adventures Fly Fishing, and since then I’ve been competing now for more than 30 years. I love fishing from my Pro Angler 14 in search of Bass and I also love fishing for Perch. I love surface fishing. I love Hobie and I love their products. Hobie kayaks are fast in the water and with their proven stability they are incredible, enabling me to practice fishing and to get big catches”.

Garrido is very excited to have the opportunity to compete at another world championship, and he has hopes of bringing a world championship title home to Spain from the Gold Coast in Australia. Although, the finesse techniques required to catch the unfamiliar Yellow Fin Bream lay a new challenge in front of him.

For Garrido an Australian Yellow Fin Bream record, to back up his Bass record in Spain, would have to go over 4.445kg. With the average size of bream caught at recent Hobie Kayak Bream Series tournaments held on the Gold Coast at around 620g, it’s a good bet he won’t go home with the record.

Forget records Miguel! Just fill that Hobie Livewell XL, with a full bag of bream on each of the three days of competition, and go for “Garrido Gold”.

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