Mike McGuire – United Kingdom
Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 –

Representing the United Kingdom for the first time at a world championship is 61-year-old Michael McGuire from Henton, in Oxfordshire, England. McGuire is the current European champion after winning the tournament on Lac de Lacanau in France in September, 2018, targeting pike and perch. Among his prizes was qualification for, and a return flight to, Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 (HFW8) on the Gold Coast, in Australia, in July 2019.

McGuire has over 40 years of competition fishing experience across many European species. He moved to lure fishing in the last 6 years and started fishing from Hobie kayaks in the last 3 years. In 2018, as well as winning the Hobie European Championship in France, he won the Gunki Iron tournament in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, and four other tournaments in the United Kingdom.

At the European Championship worlds qualifing tournament McGuire accumulated a combined length of 259 cm of fish over the two days of competition. He defeated second placed French angler Patrice Gotti by just 1 centimetre. McGuire’s 83 cm pike, caught late on Lowrance Day 2 of the championship, was the fish that made the difference.

“I was really pleased to win the trophy after two days of competition. Practice day (Pre-fish day) went ok, as I caught a few fish. On day one of the championship I caught three really, good perch which averaged over 30 centimetres, which really brought my up in the placings. I caught quite a few Perch, couldn’t find any Pike at all, even though we caught them during practice.”

“Going in to day two I was in fifth place, or joint fifth place, and I was a bit worried about losing my position, or whether I could improve, or just fall and collapse. So, I went after Perch again to get them in the bag. I went back to where I’d been the day before and there was nobody there. It was just me fishing in a thunderstorm….well almost. I was on my own and it was fantastic”.

“I caught my fish pretty quickly, and then I went Pike fishing. But I didn’t catch a Pike, I caught some small ones, the ones that don’t measure. I caught a few of those, and then I came back up, right up to the top bit (of the lake) to try and improve on my Perch. And on my first cast I caught a really, big, donkey Pike of 83cm, that took me all over the place. It was a fantastic fish. It was great to get it in the net and successfully measure, and photograph it, because in a kayak an 83cm Pike is quite a thing to handle”.
“Overall, it was a fantastic day, I came first by 1cm and my commiserations to the person who came second. But boy, I’m thrilled to have won this competition, it’s fantastic. The organisation was superb, the people were superb and what a fantastic time we all had.”

“The more people we get sport fishing, catch and release, the better all our fishing futures will be. I love new venues and new species, it gets the juices going and adds to the thrill of our great sport of fishing”.

Mike’s “juices” are going to bubble up and froth over, when he arrives on the other side of the world and gets his first taste of finesse fishing for Yellow Fin Bream, while representing the United Kingdom, in his first world championship.

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