The current Brazilian National Kayak Fishing Champion Rafael Renzetti is 31 years old and lives on São José dos Campos, 80km from São Paulo city.

He lives in São Paulo state which offers plenty of different environments and many different target species like worldwide known Peacock Bass and Trahira (wolf fish) as main target in fresh water, also snook, jacks, bone fish and lady fish in the coast.

Brazilian national tournament was very tough and won for just 2cm and feels confident of good results.

“I think that a Bream Fishing competition can be as tight as the last Brazilian national tournament. Never Bream fishing, but technique and tackle looks a lot to I’m used to and comfortable in my fishing style in Brazil.

It’s going to be a huge challenge and this time, more than ever I feel ready for meeting again the World Elite of Kayak Anglers.”

Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 is going to be Rafael’s second time at the competition. His first challenge was at Louisiana, in 2016, fishing for the big Red Fish, trout, and flounder.