Satoshi (Sato) Nakayama is a 40-year-old professional angler from Tokushima in Japan.

Nayayama is sponsored by Daiwa Japan, and is active in the development of new tackle, and the innovation of new tactics, when targeting different species. He is known as Mr Bream in Japan, after creating the bream lure fishing market in the country, where they had previously only used bait.

“I am honoured to be able to participate in Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 (HFW8). I do a lot of fishing in Japan for bream, seabass and rockfish, but bream is my favourite species to fish for”.

Nakayama first came to Australia in 2016 to investigate the bream lure market for Daiwa Japan. He fished for three days with three of Australia’s top bream anglers Kris Hickson (HFW8 competitor), television presenter Mark Berg and Bradley Sissins in Sydney Harbour. He returned to Japan with a wider knowledge of Australian Yellowfin bream, and bream as a species in general, along with the tactics and tackle that attracts and lands them.

“When I get my chance to compete at HFW8 it will be my second time fishing in Australia. On my first fishing trip to Australia I fished with and got direct feedback from Kris (Hickson) on how to use the gear (all prototype at the time) we were experimenting with. From the trip I passed on the knowledge and insights I’d gained to the team at Daiwa Japan. They listened to what the end users needed and factored those needs into the development of new and innovative Daiwa products. This is the strength of Daiwa, only Daiwa could do it so well”.

“The tournament on the Gold Coast will be my first time competing in a world championship. I will be coming down to Australia with the best tackle and lures from Japan, and I will do my best to represent and fight for my country”.

“I’m looking forward to meeting and competing against the best kayak anglers from around the world, at Hobie Fishing Worlds 8”.

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