I am a fishing enthusiast, love sea fishing and freshwater fishing. I like to try many different ways of fishing, my fishing career has gone through fifteen years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, playing with the size of the fish is a great pleasure in my life.

No matter how the fish can make me throw the right lure in the water and control them heartily, I am very satisfied, I am the best.

Long is sea fishing, surface fishing and iron plate fishing, he will bring me great sensory stimulation, I think sea fishing surface fishing is a man’s game!

My name is, as long as I have the strength to stand, I will always go fishing! I won the champion of 2018 China Zhushan Kayak fishing competition, after that I got the qualification for Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 being held in the Gold Coast in Australia.


  • 2018 China Zhushan Kayak fishing competition: Champion