MAY 15th - 20th 2018

Composing your Profile

Use the information provided here to submit a world class profile that will represent you on the world stage.

Photo Size

Is the photo of a size that can be used in print and on the web? Images submitted should be at least 1920 pixels wide by 1284 pixels high. Photos should be sharp and not blurry or pixelated.

Face Can Be Seen Clearly

Your face should be seen clearly in any photo submitted and a smile is the one accessory that costs nothing. Your face should be illuminated fully and please no sunglasses.

You Are the Subject of the Photo

We are happy to receive photos of you with your big catch. Please make sure you are the main feature of the photo and your fish is not obscuring your face.

Things To Avoid

Image Too Small

This image is too small to use for promotional purposes.

Blurry or Pixelated Photo

Image is the minimum size but it’s blurry and pixelated. His face can’t be seen behind his fish. His face is in shadow and we can’t see his eyes.

Person Not Main Subject

This is a great photo of a fish! The person sort of fades away into the background though. Ensure your photo makes the person the main subject.

Write a Compelling Bio

Use the following suggestions to write a world class angler bio.

Points to Consider
  • When did you start fishing? 
  • What were the influencing factors that led you to love the sport?
  • Describe your fishing experience in 2-3 sentences.
  • Describe what attracts you to fishing and fishing competitions.
  • What challenges have you faced?
  • Describe what you are looking forward to at Hobie Fishing Worlds 7.

Submit your Angler Profile here

For those of you that want to submit a complete angler profile, please use the form below to finish your entry to the 7th Hobie Fishing Worlds.

Hobie® Fishing Worlds - Angler Profile
We have compiled a helpful how to Compose Your Profile page to help you submit high quality resources about your self. Please use the information provided to submit a world class profile that will represent you on the world stage.
First and Family name
What is your Registration Entry Number from registration?
Approx 300 word personal profile to be used on and other media promotions.
Please submit a photo that is at LEAST 1920 pixels wide by 1284 pixels high.
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