It was a day of mixed opportunity for many anglers on day one of Hobie Fishing World 8presented by Daiwa on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia today.

The weather was amazingly warm, for mid winter, after a chilly early morning. The wind was very light early and provided no real cover for anglers but it picked slightly up to around 11 km/h later in the morning when the action picked up.

The trawlers across on the eastern side of the system were hit early by ten to twelve anglers after reports spread through the two pre-fish days that fish were being caught there. Finn Sloth from Denmark was among that group. About twenty minutes from the start he was the first international angler to land a Yellowfin Bream (31cm), while much closer to the start an Australian had already bagged two.

Many of the anglers from across the world who had never previously targeted bream did quite well, with just two days of pre-fish to learn to adapt to the new species and to the unfamiliarly light tackle.

Seven anglers from outside of Australia managed to get a full bag of three bream, while all of the Australian team had full bags. Seven unfortunate anglers battled it out for the Lowrance Donut Award of no fish. Most of those though had caught bream but disappointingly they were under the competition legal length of 26cm. The dubious honour of the winner of the Lowrance Donut Dough Award went to Patrice Gotti from France who had caught plenty of fish, but they just didn’t measure up.

There were a number of large bream over a kilo caught and it was just a matter of grams that separated them. In the final count down the largest fish landed on board a Hobie Pro Angler 14 weighed in at 1.06kg and was caught by Felix Frey from Sweden. Frey a Pike specialist was thrilled to receive the Power-Pole Big Bream trophy, which was presented to him at the Hobie Kayak Europe dinner this evening.

Over all today we saw 37 anglers bring a total of 84 fish back to the scales. They weighed a total of 44.35kg at a very sweet average of 530g. All of the fish were released to swim away to fight another day.

Tomorrow the action kicks off once again on the Gold Coast where conditions are predicted to be clear skies with the temperature rising to 26C (78F). Winds will get up to only around 8km/h and the humidity will sit at around 62% with a 14% chance of showers very late in the session. There will be a .35m low tide around an hour after tomorrows start at 7:56am and a high of 1.17m as anglers are due back at the event site at 2:30pm.

Currently the top ten, from one to ten is: Jack Gammie (AUS); Andrew Death (AUS); Edi Brader (AUT); Tyson Hayes (AUS); Richard Somerton (AUS); Simon Morely (AUS); Kris Hickson (AUS); Nate Gloria (USA); Tyson Peterson (USA) and Finn Sloth (DEN).

We’ll see you on the water tomorrow for day two of the 8th Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship presented by Daiwa.