Andy from Fishing Dalshand Guiding has some personal favorite softbaits for pike fishing in spring . Suggested baits are  Westin Shadteez, Hypoteez. And furthermore Pigshad, Mcrubber , with larger sizes between 16 and 26 cm being the most rewarding. These should be rigged to swim  shallow or leaded with weights between 10 and 30 gram for a deeper presentation.
Favorite Hardbaits : Westin Swim, Buster Jerk  in  shallow and sinking versions.

Andy has a preference for baits in natural colors, but sometimes a bit brighter color will do the trick. Some anglers have really good success with spinnerbaits, but he doesn’t use them often myself.

Of course, there are many other look-alike brands, and other colors will work as well. But these pictures are a good example for the type of baits that work mostly good in spring.