Fishing Dalshand Guiding – When you look out from the harbour in Amal, it looks like one massive big lake, but when you go out on the water and into the more shallow areas that you can see from the event site, you will find an incredible amount of smaller bays, weed lines, rocky areas and thousands of small and larger islands which offer a wide range of sportfishing possibilities.

Vanern holds a tremendous stock of big fish, but when you go there for the first time it can be very hard. Generally, you need to have a lot of experience to know where pike hide in the lake in different seasons and conditions, throughout the year. The best advice for anglers without a lot of experience targeting pike and perch is not to spend too much time pedalling long distances to areas hours away just to take a lucky shot. It is better to concentrate on areas closer by because you will find that there are many great spots a long way away, but there are also areas much closer to the worlds event site