Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Cullen Di Mattina

Years Kayak Fishing:
6 Years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
Qualifying for Hobie Fishing Worlds

Favourite Tournament Location:
Mallacoota Victoria, Australia

Favourite Tournament Species:
Australian Bream

Most Feared Competitor:
Francis Di Mattina

Dream Fishing Location:

Cullen is very excited to have afforded the opportunity to compete against the world’s best anglers at Hobie Worlds 9.

Having just turned 19, Cullen has only been on the competition scene for a few years. He has established his name as the young gun of the Hobie scene and has proven his knowledge well beyond his age. He is constantly striving to learn and better himself as an angler in order to further him in his goal of one day becoming Australian Angler of the Year.

Fishing has been a part of Cullen’s life from an early age, and this is reflected in an array of early competition results. Being a young angler Cullen hopes to grow the sport, inspire junior anglers and make it more accessible for more people to get involved.

Cullen’s initial years of competitive fishing would not have been possible without the help of sponsors to support his fishing passion. Hunter Water Sports, Hobie Fishing, Hobie Polarised, PowerPole and Spida Sports. Their efforts have made his success possible.