Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Dennis “BomBom” Skou

Years Kayak Fishing:
Since 2003

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
2nd. place in East Coast Kayak Fishing

Favourite Tournament Location:

Favourite Tournament Species:
Pike, perch, bream.

Most Feared Competitor:
Finn Sloth, Sallah and Felix Frey

Dream Fishing Location:
Gold Coast, Australia.

My name is Dennis BomBom and I have been fishing my entire life. The last 20 years it has been more and more hardcore, and I’ve been “all in” on catching the big ones. I love being in the kayak all alone on the lake, and just focusing on what I’m after.

I live in Denmark with my family. A beautiful wife and two kids.

I spend all my spare time on the water chasing that dream fish I know is out there.

My Hobie Pro Angler 14, 360 has taken my fishing to the next level as it is the perfect match up with my Livescope. I LOVE this rig!

Many thanks to Mustad Fishing – Grubdéns – High 5 Lures