Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Finn Sloth

Years Kayak Fishing:
10 years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
That’s a tough question. But winning the Åmål kayak fishing challenge was a big one.

Favourite Tournament Location:
Of the once i have fished, definitely Gold Coast, Australia.

Favourite Tournament Species:
Only tournament fished for bream one time i my life. But i really loved doing it, at the Worlds in Gold Coast, Australia. I would love to try that again.

Most Feared Competitor:
Maybe the home turf favorite, Felix Frey, but i my good buddy Dennis BomBom does also have good knowledge of the lake.

Dream Fishing Location:
It’s hard to pick just one. but i would love to go back to Australia and catch bream, but i also have a dream of going to Florida for multipel species.

My name is Finn Sloth

I am 34 years of age, I live in Denmark with my wife, two daughters and my dog.

I have fished since i was a little child. I started kayak fishing 9-10 years ago and loved it right from the start.

When i go fishing i normally target Pike, Perch, and Zander from my Hobie PA14 360.

I love tournament fishing, and this will be my fourth worlds representing Denmark and Team Europe, and I’m super honored to have this opportunity again.

PS I owe Steve a Beer.