Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

James Darke

Years Kayak Fishing:
Approx. 13 Years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
Having represented New Zealand at three prior HFWCs.

Favourite Tournament Location:
Right now.. Amal, Sweden.. previously Vinkeveen Plassen, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Favourite Tournament Species:
Yellowtail Kingfish

Most Feared Competitor:
I don’t have one.. nobody is to be feared but respected.. every single angler has something to offer

Dream Fishing Location:
Costa Rica chasing Roosters with Ronald Traas

I’ve been in or near the water since I can remember. The water is the only thing that brings true peace to me and take every opportunity I can to enjoy.

I have been yak fishing competitively for a number of years.. all culminating to this point in time.

The last several years have been somewhat stained by health issues in the immediate family, however this has given me even more drive to be a true competitor and someone to watch this tournament!

See you all on the water