Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Janne Koivisto

Years Kayak Fishing:
12 years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:

Favourite Tournament Location:

Favourite Tournament Species:
Perch, pike, zander

Most Feared Competitor:
Finn Slot

Dream Fishing Location:

Jag heter Janne Koivisto, 45 year old guy from Helsinki, Finland. Fishing and outdoors activities has always been playing major role in my life. So much in fact that nowadays I build lures as my profession and due that fishing is more or less my way of living. 

I bought my first kayak 12 years ago and have been hooked since. I prefer to fish pike, perch and zander, but during spring and autumn you can find me fishing sea trout as well. In Finland we have tens of thousands lakes and gorgeous clean nature. Therefore my favourite weekend activity is to pack hammock, camping gear and few rods to my Pro Anger 14 and head out to one of those lakes to enjoy long weekend outdoors. 

This is my third time in Worlds representing Finland and Team Europe. I’m so thrilled to be able to join the event again. 

PS. If I’m able to reach podium place, I’ll take a tattoo about that!

Janne Koivisto