Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Mervin Low

Years Kayak Fishing:
14 years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
2nd place in Los Buzos (Panama) World Championship 2019

Favourite Tournament Location:

Favourite Tournament Species:
For this tournament – Pikes!

Most Feared Competitor:
Johnson Lee. He knows all my fishy secrets!

Dream Fishing Location:
Costa Rica!

54yo. Happily married with 2 lovely children.

One of the early adopters of kayak fishing in Singapore and influenced the development of the sport in the region. Founder of SailFish Madness event, where he facilitates and led kayak anglers to land the fish of their lifetime, over the last decade.

An experience angler who had kayak fished in 5 continents of the world – Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and Europe, with an achievement of taking 2nd place in the Los Buzos World Championship 2019, that was held in Panama.

An advocate of sustainable fishing in his community.

Beside having kayak fishing as a hobby, he enjoys the journeys and the challenges associated to popping and jigging for big game fishes, cycling, photography, experimental video making process and tinkering creative software and 3D printing hardware.