Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Miguel Garrido JR

Years Kayak Fishing:
5 años – 5 Years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
Ganador de la clasificación de Hobie Fishing Spain para HFW10 – Hobie Fishing Spain Ranking Winner for HFW10

Favourite Tournament Location:
Lake Fork

Favourite Tournament Species:
Bajo negro – Black bass

Most Feared Competitor:
Mi padre – My father

Dream Fishing Location:
Lake Fork

My name is Miguel Ángel Garrido Fornet (Junior) and I love   fishing for the Black Bass. I am a   Black Bass fisherman from boat with my father Miguel Ángel Garrido with whom I have participated in competitions in Portugal in the MLF for many years. I have learned the sport of fishing since I was 5 years old from the hand of my father who took my brother and me to fish from a boat the  Black Bass.  Kayaking with Hobie I’ve been kayaking for 5 years, and I love kayaking.  My first kayak was a Hobie Passport12

I have traveled half the world participating in Hobie competitions;

  • HFE Francia,
  • HFE Serbia,
  • HFE Holanda.
  • Open China 2020,
  • CIKF,
  • CIKF,
  • Italy Bass Nation Hobie 2021.

My best result has been winning the Open Peskayak Hobie Lowrance in 2021 qualifying for the HFW10. With which I will travel next year to the HFW10 edition.

Currently I continue to practice fishing both from boat   and kayak with my Hobie Lynx with my father who is still my teacher and with whom I continue to learn many things about fishing and Hobie kayaking.  I love vertical fishing with my Lowrance Elite FS and my Lowrance Active Target.

I am a Pro staff of Bone Fishing and Lowrance. I have a lot of fun fishing from my Hobie Lynx the Black Bass, a species that I love fishing.

It’s my first World Cup and I really want to live the experience with my father. Thanks to Hobie for giving me the opportunity to participate.

See you in Sweden at the HFW9 edition.