Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 -Amal Sweden | POWER-POLE Championship Day 1

August 12, 2022

We caught up with some of the international anglers and watched the chaotic start of competition for the POWER-POLE Championship Day 1.

Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 -Amal Sweden – 2022 | POWER-POLE Championship Day 1

Each competitor will fish from an identically rigged Hobie 14′ Pro Angler kayaks. On the stern of the boat anglers will find a Power-Pole Micro Anchor and lightweight spike, which is a motorized anchoring system that will be a crucial tool to an angler’s success in this environment. The Power-Pole Micro Lithium Battery will be attached to the unit and will run the Micro Anchor for several days of fishing. Hobie’s mount kit attaches the Power-Pole Micro Anchor and spike to the stern of the boat.

Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver is perfect for kayaks. Micro anchor unit is easily-removable making storage or transfer to other vessels simple. Includes quick-release bracket. Other mounting options available including custom mounting brackets or transom mount adapters. Includes 15 ft power cord for 12v battery or if no on-board battery is available, add the Micro Battery Pak & Charger (sold separately) and go wherever adventure takes you. Micro driver unit accommodates any 3/4″ spike, including the Power-Pole Heavy-duty or Ultra-lite Spike (sold separately).

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Virtually silent operation
  • streamlined user interface
  • Adjustable Quick-release Bracket
  • 2-button Key Fob Remote
  • Advanced Dash Switch
  • 15′ Power Cord