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The tournament will be returning to Sweden for destination Åmål where the world’s best will compete for the most prestigious title in kayak fishing. Top anglers from across the globe, will be targeting monster pike and perch with new provisional dates to be advised. 

Target Species


This voracious ambush predator can measure up to an incredible 140 cm long. They come in large numbers, particularly in open waters, and would be considered a magnificent trophy for any Hobie angler!

Target Species


Monster perch are very common in the fishing waters of Lake Vänern and are often caught on lures not much smaller than themselves. A predator to the core; it lies in wait in structure to smash its prey.


Lake Vänern


Åmål Sweden, a picturesque town of just under 10,000 local residents is nestled on the shores of the vast Lake Vänern, the third largest lake in Europe which holds some of the largest pike we’ve ever seen, often well over a metre long.

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