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9th Hobie Fishing World Championship








World Champion

Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 - Qualifying events

USAStriper CupMay 24, 2019
USAIFA Kayak Fishing Tour Champion2019 Tour Champion
USAHBOS Lake Chickamauga, TNFeb 23, 2019
USAHBOS Lake Shasta, CAMarch 09, 2019
USAHBOS Kentucky Lake, KYMay 18, 2019
USAHBOS Lake Fork, TXJune 1, 2019
USAHBOS Lake St Clair, MIJune 29, 2019
USAHBOS Lake Guntersville, ALSep 21, 2019
USAHBOS TOC Champion Lake Ouachita, ARNov 11, 2019
Canada2019 Canadian Points leader between HBOS and Ontario Kayak Bas TrailMultiple
AustraliaNumber of qualifiers to be determined by Hobie Kayak Breams Series 11 Ð Angler o the yearMultiple
BrazilHobie Fishing Brasil III at Fortaleza, CearaSep 26 – 29, 2019
NetherlandsKayakcentre Fishing Tournament, Stad aan ’t HaringvlietMarch 29 – 31, 2019
SwedenEast Coast Kayak Challenge, Borensberg, SwedenMay 3 – 5, 2019
ItalyCampionato Interlaghi Kayak FishingMultiple
SerbiaHobie Fishing Euros 2019 – Gruža Lake in SerbiaSep 13 -15, 2019


Salah Eddine El Barbouchi

Hobie World Champion 2018

Åmål, Sweden

Salah Eddine El Barbouchi, is 39 years old lives in Germany, and has competed in two Hobie Fishing Worlds. The 2019 Worlds on the Gold Coast and the 2018 Worlds in Amal Sweden where he took out the top prize.

Andrew Death

Hobie World Champion 2019

Gold Coast, Australia

Andrew is a carpenter and a father of two that lives in Sydney NSW and has been competing in bream fishing competitions since 2010.

He has represented Australia twice in China with the best result being 4th. He has also competed in several Australian bream championships, with the highest result of 4th. 2019 was his first time attending a Hobie worlds competition and his first time fishing on the Gold Coast.

Other hobbies include kitesurfing and surfing.

Steve Lessard

Hobie World Champion 2016 & 2014

Leeville, USA & Vineveen Plassen, Netherlands

Born and raised in Louisiana, Steve was fortunate enough to win a qualifying event with the IFA that allowed him to compete and win in his first Hobie Kayak Fishing Worlds in The Netherlands in 2014.

He then went on to represent the USA in his second Hobie Fishing World Championship on Shang Lake in Changshu, China in 2015.

In 2016 he was privileged to compete in the familiar waters of Leeville, Louisiana in Hobie Fishing Worlds 6. The pressure was on to deliver and after a tough three days of competition, he did just that taking out his second Hobie Fishing World Championship.


Hobie World Champion 2015

Shang Lake, Changshu, China

When I was six years old, I started to learn traditional fishing. After Lure fishing came into China, I had a strong interest in Lure Fishing, I am good at precise and selective throwing.

I enjoy not only the pleasure of nature, but also experience a different life.I often participate in all kinds of fishing competitions both domestic and abroad from 2013-2018, and achieved good results. Last year, I lead China team won the Denmark and China friendship ocean fishing competition, and then qualified to participate the Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 competition.

In my view, many practical fishing techniques are accumulated in the research. Only by constantly summing up experience in fishing, we can constantly improve ourselves.With my own Lure fishing Club, the focus of the current work is to promote and publicize eco-friendly Lure fishing, a healthy and environmentally friendly fishing sport.

Richard Somerton

Hobie World Champion 2013

Bemm River

I feel very privileged to have been able to represent Australia in seven Hobie Fishing World Championships.

To be able to fish the world as I’ve done is not something everyone has had the opportunity to do and I’ve been very lucky to have experienced the fish and more importantly the people.

Just about my whole life I have fished and caught my first fish at age 3 and it has stayed with me till aged 47 and I’m very sure it will be the last thing I will be doing when I go!

Marty Mood

Hobie World Champion 2012

Austin, Texas

Marty has been kayak fishing for over ten years and thanks to his affiliation with Hobie and his career as a Naval Aviator has had the pleasure to fish in some of the countries’ best and most diverse fisheries from the Coast of Maine to South Texas and everywhere in between.

He truly relishes the opportunity to fish for new species and with new anglers wherever his travels take him. He just completed a move to Pensacola, FL and is excited to begin learning what its beautiful crystal clear waters have to offer.

Scott Baker

Hobie World Champion 2011

Port Macquarie

Scott is from Mornington Australia and has competed in five Hobie Fishing World Championships.

In October 2011 he put everything he had learned into Winning the First Hobie Fishing World Championships held in Port Macquarie NSW, Scott also Appeared on AFC Barra in 2013, came second in the Hobie Grand Final 2013 with over 110 competitors from around the world, he also came 4th in the World 2013 World Title and a top 10 in the 2013 Hobie Bass Grand Final.

In 2014, Scott was the second highest placed Australian in 4th Hobie Fishing World Championship in the Netherlands.

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