For immediate release. The venue for Hobie Fishing World Championship 7 presented by Rhino-Rack is Amal in Sweden.

Worlds 7 will take place in May next year with 50 plus anglers, from countries around the globe, fishing for Pike and Perch in the stunning waters of Lake Vanern.



Åmål, the location of Hobie Fishing Worlds 7. Situated on the coast of Lake Vänern, Sweden’s and one of the three largest lakes in continental Europe. In addition to its chocolate box houses and Swedish history, the location offers incredible kayak fishing with species including its own native Salmon, Trout, Zander, Pike, and Perch.  The Target Species for our World Champion hopefuls will be predators: Perch and Pike.


This voracious ambush predator can measure up to an incredible 140 cm long. They come in large numbers, particularly in open waters, and would be considered a magnificent trophy for any Hobie angler!


Monster perch are very common in the fishing waters of Lake Vänern and are often caught on lures not much smaller than themselves. A predator to the core; it lies in wait in structure to smash its prey.


Two time, and current World Champion, Steve has competed in three Hobie Fishing World Championships. Most recently in Louisiana USA 2016, Shang Lake China in 2015, and finally chasing Pike and Perch on Vinkeveen Plassen in the Netherlands at Hobie Fishing Worlds 4 in 2014.


Xiaohong Ma, is the Hobie Fishing Worlds 5 Champion. He won the world championship title by hooking a 115cm Yellow Cheek Carp in the final hours of competition on Shang Lake in Changshu, China, in 2015. He has represented China at four world championships: the 2013 Hobie Fishing World Championship at Bemm River and Marlo in Victoria, Australia, 2014 Hobie Fishing Worlds 4, on Vinkenveen Plassen, Shang Lake in Changshu, China, in 2015, and recently at Louisiana, USA in 2016.


Current Hobie Bream Series Australian Champion and #2 in the world, Somerton took the crown at 2013 Hobie Fishing Worlds 3 on Bemm River in Australia. He has competed in all the inaugural Hobie Fishing Worlds developing strong bonds with Hobie anglers from around the globe.


Mood came from behind to take the 2nd Hobie Fishing World Championship in 2012, fishing for Large Mouth Bass on Lake Bastrop and Fayette County Reservoir just outside of Austin, Texas. Mood has also represented the USA internationally at Hobie Fishing Worlds 3 in Bemm River, Australia in 2013.


Inaugural Hobie Fishing World Champion, Baker claimed the World Championship Title at Hobie Fishing Worlds 1 at Port Macquarie, Australia in 2011.  Baker has travelled the world representing Australia at 5 of the 6 previous World Championships as well as competing in numerous other international competitions.


Hobie Cat® has been hosting Hobie sailing world championships since the first Hobie 16 titles were held in Hawaii in 1976. Fantastically competitive and ruthless events on the water, they are also great social occasions as well.  

Born out of the same competitive spirit and camaraderie, in 2011 the 1st Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship was held in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia and was an outstanding success. Fishing World Championships have followed in Texas, USA; Victoria, Australia; Netherlands, Europe; Changshu, China; and most recently in Louisiana, USA.


The Hobie Fishing World Championships would not be possible without the vision, hard work and determination of the Hobie Cat team of event organisers.  The commitment of the International community of Hobie anglers and of course the generous support of our sponsors and strategic partners, many of whom have been with the competition since its inception.