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Fishing on Lake St Clair

Lake St. Clair offers an unparalleled competition-angling experience. This vast freshwater lake, nestled between Ontario and Michigan, boasts a rich ecosystem that provides an ideal habitat for Smallmouth Bass, making it a prime destination for enthusiasts and an incredible destination for Hobie Fishing Worlds 10/11. With longer daylight hours during June and July, and moderate temperatures to get the Bass on the bite, the competition is set to provide plenty of action on the waterway.

During June the water temperature in Lake St. Clair gradually warms, prompting Smallmouth Bass to move into shallower areas to feed, and spawn. This seasonal migration makes them more accessible to Hobie anglers, who can stealthily approach these prime fishing spots without disturbing the fish.

Hobie Fishing Worlds 10_11

Lure selection is crucial for enticing Smallmouth Bass during these months. Soft plastic baits, such as grubs, worms, and creature baits, can be highly effective when rigged on a jig head or drop shot. Topwater lures also produce thrilling strikes, especially in the early mornings and late evenings when the bass are most active. Additionally, crankbaits and spinnerbaits can cover more water and attract fish in the slightly deeper areas adjacent to shallows.

Hobie Fishing Worlds 10_11

Technique-wise, Hobie anglers have the advantage of being able to precisely position themselves and cast to specific targets, such as underwater structures, weed lines, and rocky outcrops where Smallmouth Bass are likely to congregate. A slow, methodical retrieval often works best, as it gives the bass ample time to inspect and strike the lure. However, varying the retrieval speed and rhythm can also provoke strikes from less aggressive fish. It’s essential to remain adaptable and experiment with different techniques as conditions change throughout the day.

The number of Smallmouth Bass that can be caught on Lake St. Clair during these months can be impressive, reflecting the lake’s healthy population. This high catch rate is part of what makes Lake St. Clair a world-renowned bass fishing destination and the perfect location for Hobie Fishing Worlds 10/11.

With such an amazing venue for our anglers to compete, it will come down to a match of wits and wills to determine who will be the next Hobie Fishing World Champion. We can’t wait to see you on the water.

Hobie Fishing Worlds 10_11


Hobie Fishing Worlds 2024 from Lake St. Clair Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada is brought to you by the hard work and tireless promotion of the sport by the following sponsors,  organisations, and clubs.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their on-going assistance and support, without which putting on an event of this scale would not be possible.