Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 – Angler One
Mukhled Almutairi – Kuwait

Wasting no time to get his entry in, and the first angler to accept his invitation to compete in the 8th Hobie Fishing World Championship (HFW8), is Mukhled Almutairi, a 38-year-old, male angler, from Sabahiya, in the ancient Middle Eastern country of Kuwait.
The world championship on Australia’s Gold Coast will be Almutairi’s second worlds, after competing in Hobie Fishing Worlds 7 (HFW7) in Amal, Sweden in 2018, where he was targeting pike and perch. After a tough day one, in his first worlds experience, Almutairi finished in 37th place at the close of the final day of competition in Scandinavia.

Surprising to many, Almutairi should be more accustomed to the saltwater target species (Yellow Fin Bream) in Australia, more so, than he was with the fresh water species he was chasing on Lake Vanern in Sweden. He has years of experience bream fishing along the Kuwait coastline in the Persian Gulf, using some of the most popular bream lures sold and used in Australia.

His biggest drawback may not be the target species, but the Australian winter that he will fly in to, after coming from 40 degree plus Celsius temperatures back in his desert homeland.
Almutairi had this to say,

“I got into kayak fishing 4 years ago and have never looked back since. I have fished since I was 7, and I am still that kid who got completely blown away by the pull of the fish!

I only got into lure fishing back in 2010 and it completely transformed me, now I fish with lures exclusively. I have learned most of my lure fishing techniques from Australian anglers, since Kuwait and Australia have almost the same type of fishery.

And now I am coming a full circle to Australia, where it all started.

I am really looking forward to competing against the best bream anglers in the world. See you there!”

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