THE FORCE IS WITH TIM – Tim Percy – Canada – Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 –
52 year old Canadian Mounty Tim Percy from Belle River in Ontario took up kayak fishing as a way to relieve stress from his job as a police officer.

Percy said, “I don’t really have a favourite technique, it changes depending on the targeted species and body of water I’m fishing. But my favourite location is Lake St. Clair and I love to target Muskie.”

“I was fortunate to participate in Hobie Fishing Worlds 5 in Changchu, China and Hobie Fishing Worlds 6 in Leeville, Louisiana.”

At Percy’s first world championship experience in China at HFW5 in 2015, along with most of the anglers, he had little luck chasing Top Mouth Culter and Yellow Cheek Carp on the water. Off the water he had the time of his life, absorbed in the scenery and cultural experience that was the highlight of the first Hobie Fishing World Championship to be held on the Asian continent.

A year on, and representing Canada for the second time – this time in North America – and a little closer to home, Percy took on Redfish, Speckled Trout and Flounder in the bayous, at the 6th Hobie Fishing World Championship (HFW6) in Leeville, Louisiana in the southern reaches of the USA. His only two legals caught were a “Red” on day one measuring 60.96cm (24 inches), and another on day three at 55.88cm (22 inches), giving him a championship total length of 116.84cm (46 inches), which saw Percy finish in 28th place in the field of 48 international anglers.

After 30 years of policing, Percy will be retiring from his job at the end of 2019. Australia had been on his bucket list after retirement but fishing the Hobie Fishing World Championship in Queensland has moved that timeline forward. The tournament will be his third time representing Canada in the Hobie Fishing World Championship, the most occasions any Canadian angler has achieved, after single appearances by Nathan Bull (37th) and Ashley Rae (40th) in 2012, Richard Ofner (26th) in 2013, Kyle Moxon (2nd) in 2014, Dave Poole (45th) in 2016 and Rob Baginski (2nd) in 2018.

“It’s going to be great to see old friends from past Hobie Fishing Worlds and meet new friends in Australia. It will be tough to beat the Australians in their home waters, but I hope to represent Canada, well, as part of Team North America,” said Percy.