When I was six years old, I started to learn traditional fishing. After Lure fishing came into China, I had a strong interest in Lure Fishing, I am good at precise and selective throwing. I enjoy not only the pleasure of nature, but also experience a different life.

I often participate in all kinds of fishing competitions both domestic and abroad from 2013-2018, and achieved good results. Last year, I lead China team won the Denmark and China friendship ocean fishing competition, and then qualified to participate the Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 competition.

In my view, many practical fishing techniques are accumulated in the research. Only by constantly summing up experience in fishing, we can constantly improve ourselves.

With my own Lure fishing Club, the focus of the current work is to promote and publicize eco-friendly Lure fishing, a healthy and environmentally friendly fishing sport.


  • 2013 China Open Shengzhong Lake competition: The Second winner
  • 2014 China Trials Shanghu Lake: Champion
  • 2015 China Open Shengzhong Lake competition: Champion
  • 2015 China Kayak Fishing tournament: Champion
  • 2018 China and Denmark Friendship Fishing competition: Champion