Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Francis Di Mattina

Years Kayak Fishing:
6 Years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
Qualifying for the Hobie Fishing Worlds

Favourite Tournament Location:
Forster, Australia

Favourite Tournament Species:

Most Feared Competitor:

Dream Fishing Location:

After just 3 seasons fishing on the Australian Hobie circuit, Francis, a member of the Hunter Water Sports team, is thrilled to have received an invitation to the World Championships. The support from James Kilpatrick, and the camaraderie within the Hunter Water Sports team, have been a highlight over the years.

His passion for fishing is a lifelong one, having taken up the sport in his childhood. For him the opportunity to fish the circuit goes beyond fulfilling a passion, it provides him with the opportunity to spend quality time with his son, whom has inherited his fierce passion for fishing. A friendly familial rivalry has ensued which is sure to come to a head when they meet in Amal where they are both competing; only time will tell who will come out victorious.

The Hobie series has afforded Francis with an array of opportunities. His travels across Australia to competitions has allowed for the exploration and discovery of parts of the country he would otherwise have not visited. Weekend trips to small towns are a welcome escape from his inner-city home. Again, the wonderful people he has met through the Hobie series are a highlight of all comps. The series brings together like-minded people from all walks of life and has allowed Francis to develop strong friendships with other competitors from all over Australia.

Francis is thrilled to be making the trip down to Sweden for his first Australian Championship!