Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Tim Percy

Years Kayak Fishing:
9 years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
Attending my 4th Hobie Fishing Worlds

Favourite Tournament Location:
My home lake, Lake St. Clair in Ontario, Canada will always be my favorite location. It is an amazing fishery for smallmouth bass, musky and walleye.

Favourite Tournament Species:

Most Feared Competitor:

Dream Fishing Location:
Sweden has been on my bucket-list.

Tim was born and raised in Southern Ontario; Canada surrounded by the Great Lakes. He spent a lot of his childhood fishing down at the Detroit River or at his grandparent’s cottage in Michigan, but got away from it as life, family and career took over.

As his career in policing was winding down and his kids got older, he was looking to get back into fishing to relax and get away. In 2014, Tim discovered kayak fishing and hasn’t looked back since.

Tim is fortunate to have Lake St. Clair, consider to be one of the premier fisheries for smallmouth bass and musky, two minutes from his driveway.

Tim got into tournament fishing shortly after he started fishing from a kayak, which has taken him all over the USA, Canada, China, and Australia. This will be Tim’s 4th Hobie Fishing Worlds appearance.

One of the thing Tim enjoys doing; is rigging kayaks. Tim has taken the passion for rigging kayaks and turned it into a business; Tim Percy Kayak Fishing, where he makes several kayak accessories.

Tim uses his YouTube channel to be a resource for people looking to setup their kayaks as well as sharing different fishing techniques for several species.

Tim fishes out of a Hobie Pro Angler 14 180 or Hobie Pro Angler 14 360.