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How do I pronounce Tecumseh?

Tecumseh is pronounced as you would read it phonetically in English.

What Language do they speak in Tecumseh?

English makes up over 87% of language in Tecumseh with a mix of French. You will find that the majority of the population speak English.

What currency do I need to exchange to for use in Canada?

The general currency is the Canadian dollar, which divides into 100 cents. Bills come in the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars. While the USD is sometimes accepted at retailers, hotels, and border crossings, smaller rural areas prefer the local currency and do not accept USD. Hence, you need to use the Canadian official currency for your local cab fare, laundromats and other things. The bottom line, just use Canadian currency.

Will my phone work in Tecumseh, Ontario or Canada?

Mobile phone service, or cellular, or cell phone service in Canada is the same as the U.S.A., but different from that in the rest of the world. If using your phone from home, roaming charges can be expensive. Check with you service provider if they offer any roaming packages. You can also purchase a USA cell SIM in the USA and Canada.

What do I do in case of an emergency or need medical attention?

In Case of an Emergency, Please Call: 911

During pre-fish and competition days event team will have phones both on land and on water that you can call if it is not an emergency or need medical attention.

What do I do if I need medical attention?

In Case of a Medical Emergency, Please Call: 911

If the matter is not an emergency there is a medical Clinic located in Tecumseh.

Tecumseh Walk-In Clinic

11811 Tecumseh Road E. Tecumseh, ON N8N 4M7 – (519) 979-3355

  • Mon-Thurs: 8am-6pm
  • Fri: 8a-5p / Sat-Sun: 9am-3pm

TMC Urgent Care Clinic Tecumseh

13278 Tecumseh Road E. Tecumseh, ON, N8N 3T6

PH: 1 (519) 979-5260

  • Mon-Thurs 7:30am – 8:00pm
  • Fri 7:30am – 6pm
  • Sat-Sun 8:30am – 3pm

Will I be able to fit my own camera mounts?

Official event camera mounts will be supplied. No other camera mounts may be fitted to the event boats for any reason.

Can I move the camera mount from the top of the seat location to the H-Rail?


Will the tournament team be fitting camera’s to my kayak for filming?

Certainly, cameras will be installed on kayaks for both practice and competition days by the tournament team. Anglers are required to allow the installation of event equipment, including the option of mounting the camera on the front lifting handle. Anglers do not possess the choice to decline the team’s mounting requests in this location or any other. Zero – Nada – Zip.

Can I mark the minimum measurements for each species on the Measuring Board?


Is there a minimum size of fish?

Yes. A minimum size limit of 12 inches (30 cm).

Can we use our smart phone to access Google maps while we are on the water?

No, you cannot use your smart phone to navigate. In doing so, it could create an unfair advantage. The boats are equipped with all the gear you need. You will have two pre-fish or practice days to learn the system.

I have a sponsor and would like to apply logos or decals to the hull, can I do this?

No. Hobie® have worked hard over the past seven years to develop a strong relationship with the tournament sponsors and allowing non-tournament sponsors on the hull would not be in the best interests of the tournament.

Can I fit other gear and equipment to my kayak?

No decals, mounts, fittings, or modifications shall be made to the factory supplied kayaks.

Can I bring and use a kayak seat cushion?


Can I wear my own jersey during the event?

During Navigation, Pre-Fish and Competition hours only approved event apparel and hats shall be worn by all anglers. Penalties may apply.

Can we use our own kayaks for the pre-fish days?


Will I need a fishing License?

Yes. Please See Fishing Licence Page

Can tourists fish in Canada?

A “sportsman’s” license and an Outdoors Card are required¹ for non-residents who are 18 years or older. Non-residents under the age of 18 do not need either, but they must be accompanied by someone who has them. However, the fish they catch are owned by the card and license holder and apply to their catch limits. 

I have never used a Hobie kayak before, will I get instructions?

Yes, Hobie staff will outline the correct use of all equipment.

Will the Hobie kayak come with wheels?

Yes, Hobie will provide ample sets of wheels which can be shared among the competitors.

Can I use my own tackle box and not use the supplied gear for my line and lures?


Does the kayak come with storage for my lures?

Your Hobie Kayak has a Large Twist and Seal hatch with a Tackle Management System, however the plano tackle boxes shown in the photo below will not be included. If you wish to bring your own to fit the system they take 3600 size.

Can I take the kayak back to my accommodation?

No, the kayaks will be returned each day/night to the holding area at the event site or nominated location.

Can I use the factory supplied kayak on the pre-fish day?

Yes, Hobie has set two pre-fish or practice days and starting and finishing times in which you will be permitted to use your issued Hobie kayak.

Is there a pre-fish ban?

Pre-fish ban dates and locations are listed on the official website.

A pre-fish ban means anglers, or other people acting on behalf of anglers, are not allowed on competition waterways for ANY REASON.

During the pre-fish ban no contestant shall be on tournament waters, and no person shall be on tournament waters to locate fish or gain fishing information on a contestant’s behalf.

On pre-fish – practice days & tournament days, no other media person, media team or event individual other than official event staff will be allowed on the water. The angler(s) or team associated with the person(s) or team(s) with be DSQ’ed from the event.

Does the event have a set of kayak rules?

Yes. Official rules for HFW10/11 are on the official website.

Is there an entry fee?

A one-off fee will apply to all world championship competitors. (Competitors will be notified of the fee when they receive their invitation to compete in the world championship).

Where do I stay during the event?

Official accommodation for the event will be listed during the invite & registration process. 

How can I find out about session times?

Session times will be announced at the official briefing.

Do I get to choose what colour kayak I will be using?

No, the factory will issue the kayaks with your name and country flag attached, the color choice is up to Hobie.

Can I fit a sounder (fish finder)?

No. Your Hobie factory supplied kayak will come with an LOWRANCE Elite FS™ 9 with Active Imaging 3-in-1. No other electronics can be used or mounted.

What gear do I need to bring?

  • Fishing gear
  • Rods, Reels, Line, Lures, Tackle boxes, Cell Phones for scoring.
  • Wet weather gear is advisable.
  • More information is posted on the website at: What to Bring

Will I need to charge the battery?

The batteries will some charge, however, it is the responsibility of each competitor to charge their batteries each day/night. Hobie will supply a charger.

What apparel can I wear during competition hours and for Opening Closing ceremonies?

During competition hours all anglers are required to wear Event Approved Apparel Only (this includes caps/hats). For the Opening Ceremonies’, Team Jerseys can be worn. For the closing ceremony, only the official supplied jerseys can be worn.


Hobie Fishing Worlds 2024 from Lake St. Clair Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada is brought to you by the hard work and tireless promotion of the sport by the following sponsors,  organisations, and clubs.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their on-going assistance and support, without which putting on an event of this scale would not be possible.