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Fishing Licence

Hobie Fishing Worlds 10_11

For Hobie Fishing Worlds 10_11, you will need a valid Canada fishing license. These can be purchased online at:

This license includes two parts:

  1. an Outdoors Card (a plastic ID card)
  2. a fishing license (valid for either one or three calendar years). They do offer an eight-day card (subject to confirmation.

A fishing license can be for either:

  • NR Conservation Fishing Licence (reduced catch limits) THIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • NR Sport Fishing Licence 8 Day (normal catch limits) THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE FOR HFW 10_11 as the conservation license will not be legal to fish in Hobie Fishing Worlds.

To Get an Outdoors Card and license summary – you will need to set up an account by visiting the  Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service Please See detailed screenshots below.

Select My Account

Select Create New Account

Select Outdoors Card and NR Sport Fishing Licence 8 Day

Print Your Licence

Hobie Fishing Worlds

You will need to provide both documents, the sales receipts and the valid license summary to enter the event.


Hobie Fishing Worlds 2024 from Lake St. Clair Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada is brought to you by the hard work and tireless promotion of the sport by the following sponsors,  organisations, and clubs.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their on-going assistance and support, without which putting on an event of this scale would not be possible.