What is supplied – Provisional

The information on the event kayak model has yet to be released however each competitor will fish from an identically rigged Hobie kayak. The boats will be rigged with a Lowrance fish finder which will allow an angler to navigate their surroundings, locate fish, find structure, determine water temperature, and much more.

Each fish finder will be mounted to the boat with a RAM fish finder mount that will provide adjustability and quick removal. The Hobie fish finder installation kit will power the Lowrance fish finder and includes 2V 10Ah lithium battery and charger.

On the stern of the boat anglers will find a Power-Pole Micro Anchor and lightweight spike, which is a motorized anchoring system that will be a crucial tool to an angler’s success in this environment. The Power-Pole Micro Lithium Battery will be attached to the unit and will run the Micro Anchor for several days of fishing. Hobie’s mount kit attaches the Power-Pole Micro Anchor and spike to the stern of the boat.

The cargo area of the Hobie kayak (right behind the angler) is large and will store plenty of gear, and each angler’s boat will have an H-Crate storage system mounted in this area, to organize their gear. Hobie rod extenders will be mounted in the molded-in rod holders, which elevates rods and reels to keep them drier and further away from the water’s surface.

Tackle boxes will not be provided for competitors, so each person will need to bring their own.
A measuring board will be used for scoring fish. Fish will be laid out on the measuring board along with the angler’s specific daily token, a photo will then be taken for submission, of that fish, to the scorer at the end of the session.

Each angler will wear a Hobie inflatable PFD, which is a lightweight chassis, the user will feel that they are barely wearing a life jacket at all. This is a manually deployed PFD, so the angler is required to pull a tab on the bottom of the jacket, if they need to use the floatation device.

Hobie kayak carts will be used to transport the kayaks from the water’s edge. Several carts will be on hand for competitors to share.

Lowrance Fishfinder System

  • Lowrance Fish Finder
  • RAM Mounts Fishfinder Mount & 12V 10AH Pro Power Kit

Power-Pole Anchoring System

  • Power-Pole Micro Anchor
  • Power-Pole Micro Lightweight 8ft Spike
  • Power-Pole Micro Lithium Battery


  • Hobie H-Crate Jr.
  • Hobie Rod Extenders
  • RAM Mounts Camera Mount arms and GoPro adapter
  • Hobie Inflatable PFD
  • Measuring Board
  • Large Net for Pike
  • Hobie Kayak Cart