Hobie Fishing Worlds 9 Amal Sweden

Jay Wallen

Years Kayak Fishing:
12 Years

Greatest Tournament Achievement:
Winning the Hobie Bass Open on KY Lake and qualifying for Hobie Fishing World’s 7

Favourite Tournament Location:
Lake St. Clair

Favourite Tournament Species:
Smallmouth Bass

Most Feared Competitor:
Tim Percy

Dream Fishing Location:

I am a 38 year old, native Kentuckian, married to my wife Casey and we have a child/dog named Hobie! In the last 12 years my fishing passion has been geared towards the kayak tournament scene. I grew up in Kentucky with a father that loved fishing and I was fortunate enough that he would take me with him as a small boy all over the country. He exposed me to a wide array of fisheries like Santee Cooper, Kissimmee chain, Coosa River, Tennessee River and some of the Great Lakes like Erie and Lake St. Clair. Having a rounded fishing upbringing has allowed me to be comfortable and competitive in any fishing environment. I am super excited for the opportunity to return to Sweden for Hobie Fishing World’s 9, Sweden was amazing for the World’s 7 and I am looking forward to this one being even better!